Completed US tax returns in 5 steps

STEP 1.   Fill out and sign the 2019 TAX PREPARATION INFORMATION SHEET

The Tax Preparation Information Sheet is a fill-in pdf form that you can type and click in your data. Please remember to sign the bottom.

      Click HERE to open the 2019 Tax Info Sheet

STEP 2. Fax or email your individual income tax information

Fax or email the following:
1. Copy of signed 2019 Tax Preparation Information Sheet
2. Copy of your 2019 Canadian Income Tax Return (T1 General Form)

     FAX (toll free): 1-866-239-6781

STEP 3.   Initial Review
Upon receipt of your individual income tax information, you will receive an initial consultation with Jeff, by phone, free of charge, and without obligation.

STEP 4.   Make Payment

If, after the initial review, you decide to have your required US tax returns prepared for you, you will first be sent an invoice for services. Payment must be made before you can receive your completed forms or before your completed US tax returns can be e-filed directly to the IRS for you.

         Fee Guide 

STEP 5.   Receive Completed US Tax Returns

You will receive your completed US tax returns by email in a password protected file. Included with your completed returns will be an IRS e-file authorization form. You will have the option to paper file your completed tax returns or have them e-filed directly to the IRS at no extra charge. Instructions will be included and you will receive confirmation (IRS declaration control number) by email after your returns were successfully e-filed.